Rogal Świętomarciński – Indepencence day

This not really a coffee related item but it is still culturally a very important topic to write about and therefore, disregarding its irrelevance to the blog’s theme i found it a must to mention in this post. Rogal Świętomarciński. Hell YEAH!

If you happen to visit the City of Poznan in November or late October you have no right to leave without trying the Rogal Świętomarciński (a special crescent cake). On the 11th of November we have an Independence Day in Poland and it jsut so happens that one of the most famous Poznan streets – Święty Marcin (St. Martin) – has its name day on this date as well. It is a Poznan City tradition to bake Rogals this day in very large amounts for them to later be eaten by everyone during the traditional parade on this street.

What’s so special about it you ask? Well, for starters, Rogal Marcinski is a special type of cake that can only be baked and sold after having received a special certificate. There is a very strict list of ingredients and proportions that must be used for each croissant for it to proudly bear the name of Rogal Marcinski or Rogal Świętomarciński. Also – the closer to the 11th of November the bigger, tastier and ,unfortunately, more expensive the Rogal is. During the parade and through the whole day you can buy them almost on every corner and as long as they have the official, trademarked name – Rogal Świętomarciński or Rogal Marciński – you have the guarantee they will be of very high quality.

A typical Rogal Świętomarciński consists of a filling of poppy seeds (white only), vanilla, ground dates and figs, sugar, raisins, some orange peel and cream. All of this is wrapped in semi-French dough. One Rogal weighs around 1/4 kg (over 1/2 lbs). Last year roughly 600 ton or Rogal Świętomarcinśki were eaten. Hopefully, this year will break this record.

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